Have you ever seen your uncle Tod screaming at the TV? It was probably a football game and your uncle Tod perfectly saw how the coach hasn’t been using his players to the maximum of their abilities. And your uncle, who is a construction worker, had full confidence that he would’ve done a better job than the actual coach with an army of assistants and a team of data analysts, scouts and medical staff.

 Well, today we are living in a so-called expert society, meaning that access to internet makes an expert out of everyone. ‘Google, what are the symptoms of Crone’s disease? Oh, I probably have it’.

 It may be funny looking at it from the sidelines, but it is not. What makes matters worse, it damages our trust in professionals who studied their respective subjects all of their lives. And it is dangerous.

 It’s like saying click this link and become blackjack pro. No, you might have some fun but becoming a casino game professional requires a lot of skill.

 Just like being a doctor. Or a lawyer.

From peasant to a president

We are not here to scare you, even though Halloween is just around the corner. It is not all bad. Actually, in most cases it is fine. Sometimes you just have a cold and the internet’s pearls of wisdom can help you relieve your sore throat without having to visit the doctor’s office. Or if you want to redecorate your house, take on Nick Offerman-style of woodworking and go right ahead. From Google to YouTube, then drive to your local Home Depot and bam, you can start your woodworker’s career.

But if your ‘expert advice’ has an effect on other peoples’ lives, you really should reconsider taking advice from the internet. Not to mention that it is not always true, even if it published by an authority site.

When you think about it, isn’t it how president Donald J. Trump became elected? Besides other things like the broken political system, the failure from the Democrats, and the electoral college, Donald Trump proved that people believe that anyone could be anyone. Even a TV star or an owner of a bankrupt casino(s) could be a leader of 300 million people and be in charge of the nuclear warheads. And we all see where this is going.

It sounds ridiculous but what are you actually doing when you get sick? We are pretty sure that instead of trusting your doctor, you check symptoms online and, unless you need prescription drugs, you will go to the pharmacy and try to prove that you are not a worse at medicine than your doctor.

And even if you do need prescription drugs, you will go to your doctor and argue his conclusion. There is nothing wrong with having a second opinion but if everyone is an expert on everything, aren’t we experts of nothing then?